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XIII International Forum on Industrial Safety registration is now open!


We are glad to invite you for participation in XIII International Forum on Industrial Safety held in St.Petersburg from June 2-5, 2015 during the white nights period

The Forum is held annually in St.Petersburg to promote industrial accidents prevention and sharing global experience. International Forum on Industrial Safety is supported by CIS Executive Committee, the United Nations Organization and IAEA. This event is targeted to international cooperation enhancement in the field of industrial safety.  Delegations from thirty-two countries including the United Kingdom, the USA, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, South Korea, Republic of South Africa, Chile, The Republic of Belarus, Ukraine and the Republic of Kazakhstan have already participated in previous Forums.

The program is traditionally focused on lessons learnt after man-made accidents, discussion of industrial accidents and natural disasters forecasting and prevention practices and presentation of new scientific risk-reduction technologies. Parallel sections will be dedicated to labor safety issues, discussion of changes in environment conservation policies and particularities of emergency rescue team work.  

XIII Forum venue is Moskovskie Vorota Conference Center (Holiday INN –Moskovskie Vorota, Moskovsky prospect 97A).

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Forum participant’s opinion

«When I get the program one day before, I realized that It is very impressive. The program is of very high quality. I introduced the Forum to my colleagues and recommend it to them. I think, it is a very important event. I’ve been on many conferences, and this is one of the best!  When I see the program, it is very difficult to understand what is missed. Nothing more at the moment».

Dr. Jouko Saarela

Dr. Jouko Saarela, Dr. Tech of Finnish Environmental Institute