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EMERCOM lacks NPP fire safety experts - Rosenergoatom


The concern is writing letters

The Emergencies Ministry lacks experts responsible for fire safety at nuclear power plants. Dmitriy Nikiforov, Senior Specialist — Inspector of Fire Safety Service of Rosenergoatom, told about at the International Forum on Industrial Safety on Thursday, BNA reports.

Mr. Nikiforov said that, according to the standards, about 200 experts shall be assigned to each NPP. Today, on average, such a task force consists of 130 people.

«We write letters to the EMERCOM but the situation remains uncertain so far. They suggest establishing an independent service like that in Gazprom», Nikiforov noted.

The representative of Rosenergoatom pointed out that fires most often occur in the engine room (35%) and reactor room of nuclear power plants. He underlined that the concern had been actively investing into fire safety during the past seven years. This is largely connected with Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan.

The accident at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant occurred in March 2011 after a disastrous earthquake (magnitude 9.0) and tsunami (40 meters). Blackout caused failure of the cooling system which led to a release of radioactive vapors into the atmosphere. Several more accidents with less damaging consequences occurred at the NPP later.

Today, the total capacity of all nuclear power plants in Russia is 28 MW. Last year, the plants generated total of 20 billion kWh. Rosatom operates 10 NPPs with 37 power units. In 2017, the concern commissioned units of Novovoronezhskaya NPP and Leningradskaya NPP-2.

The International Forum on Industrial Safety is held in St. Petersburg every year. In 2018, it is the 16th time. This year the Forum venue is Hilton Hotel St. Petersburg Expoforum. The conference was attended by more than 170 people from different states. The organizer is GCE Group.

Source: Business News Agency

Forum participant’s opinion

«I would like to point out the urgency and singular importance of this initiative for the development of international cooperation in the field of industrial safety and risk management.»

Dendev Bandarch

Dendev Bandarch, Director, UNESCO (Moscow)