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The Forum guests will learn how to prevent explosions at industrial facilities


Representatives of RSBP, the Czech Republic, will be among the speakers at the International Forum on Industrial Safety. They will tell how to mitigate explosion risks and eliminated industrial accidents.

Use of explosion protection technologies will enable to considerably reduce negative impact of possible industrial accidents and save workers’ lives as well as financial resources. All RSBP produces have been tested to comply with applicable legislation, ATEX, VDI, NFPA and Rostekhnadzor standards. This equipment is used throughout all industries including power industry (coal firing), iron and steel (light-weight metals), pulp mills etc.

The XV Jubilee International Forum on Industrial Safety will traditionally take place in Saint-Petersburg in the White Nights season – from May 30 to June 02, 2017. In 2017 the Forum retains its venue – Moskovskye Vorota Congress Center (Holiday Inn Hotel, St.Petersburg, 97A Moskovsky Prospekt). The event is annually held by GCE Group and aims at development of international relationships in the field of emergencies prevention and management.

Forum participant’s opinion

This is my second time at the conference. I haven’t ventured to make a report yet, but my manager is one of the speakers. Last year I was absolutely contented and today I see that they have been continuously perfecting the level of expertise and organization. I really enjoy the case studies. The oratorical skills of the speakers and the depth of their knowledge are very impressive. I would like to say thank you to the organizers and hope to attend the Forum next year.

Karpova Natalia

Karpova Natalia, Lead Engineer, Industrial Inspections and Safety Tobolsk-Polymer