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Published UNECE’s Safety Guidelines and Good Industry Practices for Oil Terminals co-authored by Director for Science from GCE Group


Main target of the Guidelines is to ensure safety options required when managing oil terminals, with consideration to their lifecycle. Practical instructions have been developed to prevent industrial accidents at oil terminals and response to limit harmful consequences that affect humans and the environment.

Safety Guidelines and Good Industry Practices for Oil Terminals has been issued under the project aimed at control over hazardous factors and the crisis in the Danube delta, with the involvement of Republic of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine under the Assistance Program of the UNECE Convention on Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents.

The UNECE has been focusing on industrial accidents prevention since 1990. Industrial Accidents Convention (1992) helps to protect people and the environment by prevention of industrial accidents, reduction of their frequency and scale and minimization of harmful effects.

In March 2012, an international work group that unified top experts was formed under the UNECE Convention to develop safety guidelines for oil terminals. GCE’s Director for Science, Alexey Isakov became one of the aforesaid members and co-authors of the Guideline. UNECE also issued a gratitude letter to thank GCE Group President, Alexander Moskalenko for his contribution into the process.

The Guideline was developed considering data provided by national agencies, operators of oil terminals, financial institutions and non-governmental companies. Safety practices included into the Guideline are based on experience and lessons learnt from large-scale accidents. Consequently, the document promotes generally accepted and experience-based measures that comply with the international standards.


GCE Group is a lead company for health, safety and environment expertise in Russia and a global energy efficiency consultant independent from energy equipment suppliers. More than 20% of personnel have scientific degrees and are awarded for professional achievements. GCE’s top management participates in workgroups of UNECE, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and in the state expertise.

Forum participant’s opinion

«First of all I would like to point out high organizational level of the Forum. The event provides a unique opportunity to share experience with industrial safety experts from various countries. We discussed lots of challenging topics. The most important for Blue Stream Pipeline Company B.V., like for all hazardous industrial facilities operators, are industrial safety practices and changes occurred in the legislation, especially the changes in the Federal Law 116-FZ which impacted everyone. In addition, I would say that the main challenge in the present world is the responsibility of the owner of any hazard facility. This challenge must be paid close attention to.»

Vladimir V. Korneev

Vladimir V. Korneev, Technical Director Blue Stream Pipeline Company B. V. (Russia)