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Nigeria pursues twofold decrease in industrial accidents


The current rate is one serious accident a week

Nigeria intends to halve the number of industrial accidents in the country. This plan was announced by Mrs. Sibeudu Onyebuchi, Head of Safety and Environment of Nigerian Department of Petroleum Resources, at St. Petersburg Forum on Industrial Safety on Wednesday.

Mrs. Sibeudu admitted that, on average, one serious accident occurs in the industry every week. She said this trend had been observed for the past 10 years. However, accidents are unevenly distributed sub-sectorally and geographically with emergencies most often happening in desert areas.

In order to solve these problems, Nigeria is going to introduce control and supervision measures and to institute mental health assessment programs. Apart from this, the country is launching minimum safety trainings for workers in the industry.

44 thousand workers have already completed their training courses. In future, trained workforce is supposed to reach 120 thousand people which is expected to reduce accidents by 50%.

Nigeria is the leading oil producer in Africa. Other mineral reserves of the country include coal, stannum, columbite.

The International Forum on Industrial Safety is held in St. Petersburg every year. In 2018, it is the 16th time. This year the Forum venue is Hilton Hotel St. Petersburg Expoforum. The conference was attended by more than 170 people from different states. The organizer is GCE Group.

Source: Business News Agency

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This is my second time at the conference. I haven’t ventured to make a report yet, but my manager is one of the speakers. Last year I was absolutely contented and today I see that they have been continuously perfecting the level of expertise and organization. I really enjoy the case studies. The oratorical skills of the speakers and the depth of their knowledge are very impressive. I would like to say thank you to the organizers and hope to attend the Forum next year.

Karpova Natalia

Karpova Natalia, Lead Engineer, Industrial Inspections and Safety Tobolsk-Polymer