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Hazardous industrial facilities to be equipped with safety remote monitoring systems


Rostechnadzor’s initiative was discussed at the Forum on Industrial Safety

Industrial safety remote monitoring systems (ISR MS) are going to be implemented at hazardous facilities. The prospects were focused on by Albert Lyaskovskiy, HSE Director of Sibur, on Wednesday during the session «Best practices to ensure trouble-free operation» of the International Forum on Industrial Safety, BNA reports.

Rostechnadzor has introduced a proposal to amend the Federal Law «On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Industrial Facilities». The proposal provides for implementation of the industrial safety remote monitoring system at all facilities of the first and second hazard classes by January 1, 2020.

Implementation of the ISR MS aims at risk management, accident prevention and safety performance forecasting. According to Albert Lyskovksiy, data from the ISR MS will be collected and processed by industrial companies in cooperation with local departments of Rostechnadzor.

The International Forum on Industrial Safety is held in St. Petersburg every year. In 2018, it is the 16th time. This year the Forum venue is Hilton Hotel St. Petersburg Expoforum. The conference was attended by more than 170 people from different states. The organizer is GCE Group.

Source: Business News Agency

Forum participant’s opinion

«I would like to congratulate the organizers of the IX International Forum on Industrial Safety – the GCE Group and its partners for holding the Forum and for gathering the representatives of public authorities from numerous countries, the representatives of industry as well as safety experts to discuss ‘what’s new’ in safety.»

Lukasz Wyrowski

Lukasz Wyrowski, Officer in Charge, Secretariat of the UNECE Convention on the Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents