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International Forum on Industrial Safety opens in St. Petersburg


Experts will discuss innovative developments, practices to ensure accident-free operations and environmental issues.

The Opening Ceremony of the International Forum on Industrial Safety took place in St. Petersburg on Tuesday, BNA reported.

It is the 16th Forum and this year it is attended by more than 200 experts from Russia, Azerbaijan, the UK, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, Nigeria, Uzbekistan and Czech Republic.

The experts will discuss innovative developments, practices to ensure accident-free operations and environmental issues. The main topics are «On the way to the ideal industrial safety system», «Innovations to ensure emergency-free operations», «Best practices to ensure trouble-free operation», «Occupational safety and health: trends and prospects» and «Trends and Innovations in Ecology».

Speakers include representatives of Greenpeace, British Petroleum, Fire Rescue Robotics Research Center of EMERCOM, Rusal, Sibur, Shell. Besides, the Forum program traditionally features demonstrations of cutting-edge robotic systems, training simulators and various software tools.

The Forum sessions are held on 6 and 7 June in Hilton St. Petersburg ExpoForum. The organizer is GCE Group. Every year the Forum unites leading experts of major companies from all industrial sectors. Delegations from 39 states have attended the conference for the past several years.

Source: Business News Agency

Forum participant’s opinion

«Forums like this actually help to improve industrial safety. One of the advantages of this forum is that people can share experience, i.e. about the accident that happened in Bhopal, or accidents happening in Moldova, Ukraine, etc. People learn lessons got after such accidents, and create new rules, regulations and best practices in order to prevent them. Its very important to learn the best practices of other countries and organizations, and implement them in your own country, in your own organization, it is very important. I think, today people pay enough attention to the problems of industrial safety. In fact people are now becoming aware of the disasters and safety operations. Like air and water we breathe and use, safety has become very important.»

Madhukar Onharnath Garg

Madhukar Onharnath Garg, Director CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum (India)