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Gazprom Transgaz Samara reduced the number of “hazardous” workplaces by 120


Installing sound insulation, replacing equipment, retrofitting facilities

Gazprom Transgaz Samara reduced the number of «hazardous» workplaces from 348 to 230 after workplace conditions special assessment. It was announced by Irina Shashmurina, Head of Working Environment Control Laboratory of the Engineering and Technical Center, during the session «Occupational Safety and Health: Trends and Prospects» of the International Forum on Industrial Safety on Wednesday, BNA reports.

Gazprom Transgaz Samara is reclassifying certain critical workplaces into workplaces with acceptable working environment. Ms. Shashmurina believes that the decrease in number of critical workplaces results from measures being taken to improve working environment, overhaul of the facilities, replacement of equipment and changes in the approach to workplace conditions special assessment.

In particular, the company has developed two programs for monitoring and reduction of the noise level at workplaces. «32 vehicles at workplaces are going to be soundproofed between 2019 and 2022», Shashmurina noted.

Gazprom Transgaz Samara is a 100% subsidiary of Gazprom. The company transports natural gas to consumers in seven regions of Russia — Samara, Ulyanovsk, Orenburg, Saratov, Penza regions, Tatarstan and Mordovia Republics. The biggest industrial consumers are Volga Territorial Generating Company, Togliattiazot, Kuybyshevazot.

The International Forum on Industrial Safety is held in St. Petersburg every year. In 2018, it is the 16th time. This year the Forum venue is Hilton Hotel St. Petersburg Expoforum. The conference was attended by more than 170 people from different states. The organizer is GCE Group.

Source: Business News Agency

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