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GCE Group was founded in 1994. Nowadays, the company is a lead industrial safety consultant providing services in accordance with the Law 116-FZ “Industrial safety of hazardous production facilities”. GCE Group has a broad experience in industrial safety expert review and industrial safety declarations development, technical and technological risks analysis and R&D works. Among other business activities are labor protection, environmental and energy audits, designing production facilities and financial consulting. Our company provides full range of services covering whole lifecycle of an industrial facility.

GCE Group employs more than 2000 persons all over the world. The company is headquartered in St.Petersburg and presents in Kazahkstan, India, Brazil, Germany and Spain. Among the company’s clients are Norilsk Nickel, Gazprom and its subsidiaries, Bashneft, Sibur, Severstal, Sevmash, Lukoil, Metinvest. Transneft, The Russian Railways, RusNeft, RusHydro, Rosatom, Toyota, PepsiCo, Philip Morris and many other industrial leaders.

GCE Group follows the policy of corporate social responsibility towards the society. The company participates in charity programs for vulnerable social groups, promotes healthy and active way of life, and supports International fund “Kursk” and military retirees. GCE Group fosters water sports, finances Vladimir Salnikov Cup international championship and provides sponsor support to Navy Water Polo Team of St. Petersburg.

Since 2010, GCE Group board members are independent experts of the United Nations Organization work groups and take part in industrial safety and risk analysis documents development (in particular, The Convention on the Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents, The Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes, Safety Guidelines and Good Industry Practices for Oil Terminals).

In 2012 GCE Group started cooperation with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization in terms of Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE) Project.

GCE Group hosts and finances one of the world’s key events for HSE experts – International Forum on Industrial Safety. The Forum is held annually in St.Petersburg to promote industrial accidents prevention and sharing global experience. International Forum on Industrial Safety is supported by CIS Executive Committee, the United Nations Organization and IAEA. This event is targeted to international cooperation enhancement in the field of industrial safety. Delegations from thirty-two countries including the United Kingdom, the USA, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, South Korea, Republic of South Africa, Chile, The Republic of Belarus, Ukraine and the Republic of Kazakhstan have already participated in previous Forums.

We are sure that Forum is a source of professional knowledge moving with time and technologies.

Forum participant’s opinion

«I participate in this Forum for the first time. The organization is on the high level, details are considered, the topics are divided into sections. I would like to participate in different activities, but it is not possible to visit all of them: there is a briefing where urgent issues are discussed, at the same time there is an overview of the legislation and the lessons learnt from the industrial accidents in the congress hall».

Mikhaylov Eduard Igorevich

Mikhaylov Eduard Igorevich, Head of Industrial and Fire Safety, Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy